Akira Takau: I got the opportunity to visit a lot of places

How did you start photography, the first camera you owned, and how did you developed yourself?
As an architect/international bridge engineer, I have been fortunately enough to visit a lot of places not only in Tokyo but also around the world

Akira Takaue

for various large architectural and bridge structure projects, including my own engineering achievement. Firstly I brought a camera just for taking shots such of the interesting scenery in foreign countries.
But gradually my mind has been changed. The reason why I’m interested in photography came initially from simply taking photographs of the bridges and buildings I’ve designed; however, recently I saw some wonderfully artistic architectural photographs in several web galleries and international photograph magazines and have been passionately interested in such the category of fine-art photography by my own ever since. The first camera I owned is D700 by Nikon.


Are there people or life experiences affect your photography?

I can not rise up their names. I respect all of the fine art photographers in the category of architecture and city scape, whom I have seen and talked in various galleries and photo exhibition. I’m influenced by all of them. And my photography is influenced by all of my life as architect and bridge engineer.


What is your favorite Category you have chosen and why?

I would like to produce artistic images of such the structures based on the logic of Landscape Architecture Design and structural properties of the building.


What are the Description of the successful image? And The idea, the story of Integration of the technical elements in the picture?

One of my flat-plane shot named as “THE MATRIX” shown in picture 1 presenting a structure taken as 2-demensional structural drawings, such as “Meaningful Cells”, “Modern Vietnam”, “Interruption” and “Dynamic Mechanics”. They are one set of my signature flat-shot images. The field of Landscape Architecture Design is categorized in roughly 4 view points such as long-distance view, middle-distance view, close-distance view and texture. Three of them are examined by the Engineer to achieve well harmonic content with neighboring objects but originally texture would be examined isolately. I would like to express the harmonization between the texture and long-distance view including surrounding road structures such as lamps and trains.


Are you planning before taking a picture?

Yes, I am. I always consider that which hour and composition can reflect efficiently the concept of the architectural or scenery objective.


What is your opinion of the Editing programs in photography like Photoshop?

That may depend on the vision or concept of photographers. If the specific concept of a photograph may be presented completely by only the digital program of his camera, it would not necessary to use digital manipulation including minor treatment by using photoshop or other software; however, if the photographer would like to add or modify the taken raw file in order to present his own concept, such the treatment might be requisite for his fine art photography.


What is your message that you want to be reaching through your works?

I would like to produce conceptual urban scape including the fields of Aesthetic Design and Structural Mechanics including material engineering. And also I would like to direct the spotlight to not only famous structures but also “Common Structures” usually seen in a town. The photogenic subjects regarding structures may not be limited in famous and popular structured. Even if they are nameless and common shape structures, they were designed deeply, planned carefully, calculated in depth and constructed precisely, which must be the crystallization of engineering. I would like to produce artistic images of such the structures based on the logic of Landscape Architecture Design and structural properties of the building.


What is your advice for the beginner photographers?

They should try to challenge various categories until they can automatically feel by themselves what they want to take and what they should to take. And further, when such the testament rises up definitely, that must be fully fortunate and precious moment.


Masterpieces from the photographer Akira Takau








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