Start 10 November – Deadline 25 November 00:00 GMT




Description: The entries must be in black and white to highlight the beauty of this photography in the different categories: portraits, landscapes, still life, architectural, conceptual, street, fine art..etc. Selective colour images are not allowed.


1. You can participate with up to three pictures only, and without any text on the image.
2. The longest side of the image must be at least 2000 pixels.
3. You can participate with images already published and not won in any previous contests in Arabpx Group.
4. You most own all parts of the Photograph.

1. The first place winner´s image will get an enormous international Exposure by getting featured as a cover image for for two weeks, cover image of ArabPx facebook fan page and cover of ArabPx group for one week.
2. The First place winner will get a medal and certificate sent to his residence
2. The winner will have an interview in ArabPx magazine.
4. The winners will receive an electronic certification.
3. The Winner image will be uploaded to ArabPx website.
5. All winner and featured images will be published in the ArabPx magazine.

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