According to worldwide statistics, Arabpx is considered to be one of the popular Arabic photography websites in the world. The site provides various services and platforms for photographers. In the beginning, these platforms were allocated for Arab photographers only, but the administration decided to follow a new policy by the end of 2016, allowing photographers from all over the world, so that the site becomes a place of communication and promotion for all participants, as well as a platform for teaching the basic rules of photography. The rules here apply to the Facebook group, which is a part of the website that we hope would help gather as many photographers as possible in one place, in order to achieve the following goals: publishing high quality photographs to a wide range of audience, supporting the art of photography, creating competitive atmosphere among the photographers regardless of their nationalities, spreading the image culture and raising interest in its aesthetic implications, and creating a gathering place for photographers to know each other and share their expertise by displaying the various software and techniques used in image processing and editing.

Types of Publishing in the website


Photos of the day: Currently four photos are basically chosen out of the photos published in Facebook group to be the photos of the day. The photos could be more than 4 in future.

Featured Photos: These photos are selected from the photos posted in Facebook group and they are published in ArabPx printed and electronic magazines.

Creative Photographers: a number of photographers are selected and interviewed. These interviews are published in ArabPx magazine.

Selected Photographers: Selected number of photographers to view there CV and a number of there photographs to get published within the ArabPx magazine.

Monthly Contests: The websites organizes a monthly contest. Winner in the first place gain a printed certificate as well as a medal that would be sent to their residence.Click here to follow the latest contest .

Learn Portal: We choose the best lessons and explanations to add them into the learn portal of ArabPx. Do you have your own lessons and want to publish them on our portal? Contact us from here.

How are the photos on the Facebook group approved


A committee of photographers from various sections approves the photos that are to be posted in the group. It evaluates the works artistically regardless of the photographer, his nationality, or his artistic background, besides; the judgment is not based on subjective opinions or personal taste. The assessment depends simply on the artistic quality of the photo compared to the daily published photos on the group, their counterparts in the same section as well as the photos approved simultaneously.

_____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________Participation Rules

The number of photos allowed increases to two every 24 hours. Photos that are not approved the first time, should not be uploaded again. Disapproving is not intended against the photographer, it rather means that the photo does not fulfill the required standards.

Participation Rules

The photographers who get their photos approved should be ready for any questions, moreover, they should teach amateur photographers and generally respond to the other comments.

General Rules in the Facebook Group

1. Two photos are allowed every 24 hours, provided that the photos are completely taken by the photographers.
2. The photos are uploaded directly on the group wall, not via link or sharing from other websites or pages. Private albums are not allowed on the group.
3. It is preferred that you add a specific ID for each photo posted by you whether it is the daily photo or the photos in the contests. This special hashtag would the photographer’s album in Facebook.
4. For proper presentation, no mention or links to any pages or websites are allowed in the photo’s description, except the link to the photo in 500px, Flickr, or similar photo websites in order to display them in high definition. The links may be shortened in the website via:
5. The Arabic values and traditions should be highly considered. Pornography is forbidden.
6. No advertisements are allowed, including contests, voting quests, propagating political figures, buy and sell requests, or exchanging addresses of sale markets.
7. It is completely forbidden to ask for illegal software or serial numbers that do not respect copyrights, otherwise the administration of the group and the website would encounter legal issues.
8. It is not allowed for the participant to upload a photo and request editions on it, the wall should not include several editions of the same photo.
9. Irrelevant topics to photography, like politics and religious topics, which cause arguments among participants are not allowed. Once you encounter such argument, you should notify one of the administrators and not engage in it.
10. “Before/After” photos should be posted with full explanation of the editing process, otherwise the administration has the right to delete the post without notifying the participant.
11. It is not allowed to post any suggestions directly to the group wall without notifying the administration, otherwise the posts will be deleted. Any suggestions should be reviewed and discussed with the supervisors before posting.
12. The administration has the right to delete any photo or comment that violates these rules, in utmost cases it cancels the membership of the participant.
13. The administration has the right to use the uploaded or winning photos in contests for promotion or design purposes, whether in a magazine, a video or the like.

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